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Critical Sealing Components

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Common materials are Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, Viton® (FKM/FPM), Silicone® (VMQ), EPDM, Fluorosilicone® (FVMQ), Aflas® (FEPM), Kalrez® (FFKM) and HNBR.
HNBR & Viton® AED & LT AED grades are also available.
We have been specialists in the manufacturing of O-rings since 1965.

Washers & Gaskets

Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

There are multiple types of hydraulic and pneumatic seals in various profiles and materials. NBR and Viton are mostly used for dynamic applications. V-Packs are used in cylinders, for pneumatic pistons NBR is a common choice. PU is also used for U-profile seals.
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