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Cutlass Bearing

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Cutlass Bearing

Santoo Cutlass bearings cover a wide range of shaft diameters from 25mm to 400mm. (bespoke sizes can be made on request)
Santoo Bearings are used in –

Santoo Quality

Testing and quality control is conducted at our lab equipped for
The QC department is equipped with dimension checking equipment and gauges.

Santoo Cutlass Bearing Properties

Concentricity and Cylindricity

Most manufacturers use centreless grinding techniques to finish the outside diameter but centreless grinding process does not take the inside diameter of the bearing into account, the centres of the outside diameter and inside diameter may not be the same.
Santoo Bearings are mounted on a mandrel and ground on a cylindrical grinder, thus achieving better concentricity as well as cylindricity to the full length of the bearing so that it is perfectly round, perfectly straight and has no taper, as compared to bearings turned on a lathe machine.

Santoo Cutlass Bearing Materials

Choice of shell materials:
Choice of Inner lining materials:
Rubber Properties
Density (Specific gravity) : 1.25 ± 0.1
Hardness Shore A : 65/70 shores A
Tensile strength : (Min) 170 kgf/cm²
Elongation : (Min) 410%
Young modules : (Max) 220kg/cm²
Permanent Compression set : (Max) 20%
Co- efficient of thermal expansion : 7×104
Bond strength : 235 PSI (16.5 Kgf/

Santoo Non-Metal Bearing

Santoo Flanged Bearing

Santoo Split bearing