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Fluorosilicone Rubber (FVMQ):

Fluorosilicone is like silicone rubber, bonding trifluoropropyl, methyl, and vinyl as side chains. The mechanical and physical properties are similar to VMQ. However, FVMQ offers improved fuel and mineral oil resistance, but poorer hot air resistance then standard VMQ.

Cure system – Peroxide-Cured:

Standard Nitriles are usually sulfur-cured. Sulfur-cured compounds offer better low temperature properties but are more prone to hardening with high temperatures. Peroxide-cured nitriles have better heat resistance and lower compression sets but are more expensive and are more difficult to process.

Other Common Variations:

  • FVMQ offers excellent low-temperature flexibility and good resistance to fuel and aromatic mineral oil. It is usually applied in contact with jet and automotive fuels, most solvents, and engine oil especially in aerospace industry.
  • FVMQ compounds meet MIL-R-25988 specification.

General Information:

  • ASTM D 1418 Designation: FVMQ
  • ISO/DIN 1629 Designation: FVMQ
  • ASTM D2000 / SAE J 200 Codes: FK
  • Standard Color(s): Blue
  • Hardness Range: 40 to 85 Shore A
  • Relative Cost: High

Service Temperatures:

  • Standard Low Temperature: -60°C / -76°F
  • Standard High Temperature: 177°C / 350°F
  • Special Compound Low Temperature: -60C / -76°F
  • Special Compound High Temperature: 232°C / 450°F