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Glass Ball

Glass Balls are dimensionally stable, resist corrosion and chemical absorption and can withstand high temperatures (up to 600° F .) Density varies depending on the type of glass used to manufacture the ball. We provide high precision balls from the following types of glass:

Soda-Lime Glass:

Material resistant to high alkaline solutions. Soda-lime glass balls are mainly used for applications not subjected to strong mechanical or thermal shocks, such as plastic bearings, flow meters, measurement and control equipment, instruments and ink cartridges.

Borosilicate Glass:

Due to its excellent chemical inertia to most acids, this kind of glass is particularly suitable for metering pumps and valves against strong oxidising concentrations.


A kind of glass often used for medical and chemical flow meters and for general measurement and control instruments.

MATERIAL Si02 na2o CaO ai2o3 a2o3 MgO
Soda-Lime Glass 67 16 7 5 3 2
Borosilicate Glass 81 4 2 13
Black Glass 69.7 15.2 3.4 1.3
Specific Weight 2.50 2.23 2.55
Hardness (KNOOP-KHN) 465 418 405
Melting Point °C 695 820 650
MAX TEMPARATURE USE (nr lechanical)
Normal °C 110 230 110
Extreme °C 460 490 380
Resistance to Thermal Stress 17° C 53° C 18° C
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