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Spare parts are used in all machinery, including dated, current and future technologies. Although we specialize in sealing components such as mechanical seals, custom rubber profiles, gaskets, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, we also fabricate metals and plastics using highly accurate CNC and milling machines.  As a result of our diverse manufacturing capabilities, we cater to a majority of industrial sectors.

Aerospace & Aviation

We provide Sealing Solutions for a wide range of systems such as landing gears, compartment sealing and hatch sealing for airlock applications in a spacecraft. We specialize in the manufacturing of gaskets and seals (O-rings and others) that can withstand extreme pressure and temperatures. We also manufacture & fabricate metal components used in aerospace & aviation applications.


This stakeholders and nature of this industry require high-tech and precise sealing solutions with various chemical compatibilities. We are able to develop and supply custom synthetic rubber compounds to withstand various chemicals, temperatures and pressure. Our hygiene and material purity standards are ideal for FDA compliant materials such as Silicone.


Pumps are used everywhere now, at gas stations, sewerage systems, hydro-power plants, dams and refrigeration. We have over 30 years of experience in the manufacture, testing and supply of spares such as Mechanical Seals, Compressor Seals and others. Our quality is government approved as they require such critical spares on a regular basis from us.


A majority of our products are spares to heavy duty and earth moving machinery. Oil mining in addition, require a special grade of elastomers as seals which are able to endure high pressures and temperatures along with Sour Gas (H2S) resistance. Such material is commonly used to manufacture O-rings, gaskets and other custom rubber profiles. Norsok approvals are necessary for supply of such material.