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Mechanical Face Seals

Mechanical Face Seals

Mechanical Face Seals are a special form of mechanical seals. They are also known under other designations, such as toric seals and heavy duty seals.

The special cast iron materials provide extraordinary wear-resistant solutions for a variety of demanding applications, such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, mining machinery, drive mechanics for tracked vehicles and other applications.

The different types of Mechanical Face Seals:

Type DO – Seal rings with o-ring

The most common form is Type DO, which is characterized by the use of an O—Ring as the secondary sealing element. At installation, the o-rings are compressed between the tapered contact surfaces of the seal ring and housing. The o-rings undergo a calculated compression which is critical for proper operation of the sealing system.

Type DF – Seal rings with trapezoid ring

Type DF has an elastomer with a diamond-shaped cross section as a secondary sealing element instead of the O—Ring. Type DF requires slightly less installation space in the axial direction than the standard o-ring style designs.
This type of seal is typically used where high torques are required due to adhesion and surface drying of dirt in order to move a machine after a standing time. It frees itself from pollution and therefore resumes its axial mobility better than the DO.

Type DF-H – Square bore face seal with retaining lip and spin protection

This version is a further development of the standard type DF. The advantage of using this sealing system is the prevention of axial displacement caused by dirt-encrusted elastomer parts.

Type DF – HSL square bore face seal with retaining lip, spin protection and dirt extruder lip

The DF-HSL seal uses a unique design for the elastomeric part of the seal with an integral dirt exclusion lip and heavy-duty spin protection. These features improve the seal performance significantly under extreme mud packing conditions. This keeps the seal fully flexible and leads to reduced leakage and extended service life.

Type DOF – Adapter rings

In some sealing applications, the use of the standard design DO is more complicated because of functional, construction or production-related reasons. This is the case, when the seal type DO is installed into cylindrical bores.

The DOF adapter rings are an exceptional choice when a strong abrasive environment results in significant retaining lip wear on the housing contour. The DOF style rings eliminate the need to re-machine the housing, saving time and costs during scheduled maintenance activities.

The Adapter Ring, which is available in possible forms A and B, consists of deep-drawn sheet rings, which are encased in an oil-resistant elastomer material. The static sealing and transmission of torque is guaranteed by an outer wave-profile of elastomer, which also protects from corrosion.

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