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PMI Testing

Positive Material Identification is an effective way to identify the chemical composition of metals and alloys using X-ray Fluorescence technology (XRF). It is a standard practice for us to verify all materials being brought in, along with client samples. We offer the same service to our clients individually.

Cylinder Testing

We carry out fluid testing for hydraulic cylinders to ensure proper function of seals along with replacement and maintenance of cylinder seals and components. We value transparency and freely give advice and tips to clients to increase the life of cylinders.
The same is done for pneumatic cylinders.

Mechanical Seal testing

Mechanical seals commonly used in pumps, can be expensive to install and disassemble in cases of large pumps due to time constraints. It is always better to test with us prior to installation to guarantee the seal-a-bility of fluids.

Rubber Testing

We provide elongation, oil ageing, and rheometric testing for rubber compounds. In critical components such as O-rings, carrying out all these tests are imperative to ensure conformity to application conditions and the life of seals, in order to schedule the next maintenance.